What is Entostat

Entostat™ Technology

In the 1990s, biological scientist Professor Phillip Howse invented an effective way to control pests using electrostatic wax technology.

This wax was then formulated into Entostat™, containing specific sex pheromones to attract male insects. This is a food-grade powder refined from a natural wax and harvested from sustainable species of palm trees.

Entostat™ is now trademarked for two unique products helping to manage moth infestations. This works by first attracting male moths to the open dispenser, which contains species-specific female pheromones.

The wax powder attaches to the lower legs via movement and creates an electrostatic charge making sure the powder stays on the insect. As males carrying the powder disperse they induce “auto-confusion” preventing males from locating females thereby reducing the future moth generation.

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