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Conventional pheromone traps monitor moth numbers, however – InsecTrac® CLTab® is an ‘auto-confusion’ system using pheromones to enhance the monitoring of the keratin-feeding fabric moths, such as the Clothes Moth, Tineola bisselliella, in historic houses, carpet warehouses, textile collections and homes.

Using patented Entostat powder technology, InsecTrac® CLTab® uniquely creates an automatic transfer of female pheromones onto male moths. This process (auto-confusion) spreads sexual confusion throughout the male moth population, thereby interrupting the mating cycle and drastically reducing the moth population.

Between 2007 and 2014, several full-scale trials were conducted in some of the UK’s most valued heritage sites, such as Marble Hill House, the Natural History Museum, Hampton Court Palace (London) and West Dean College (Chichester). These were conducted in collaboration with English Heritage, and again numbers of clothes moths being trapped in the presence of CLTab® were compared with historic catch data over multiple years.

Excellent reductions were observed and recorded. Marble Hill House was recording catches of over 40 adult male moths in the year 2006 prior to installing the product. In the following year, the number of recorded male moths dropped to 5 adults and this was maintained in subsequent years, with further reduced counts being achieved by 2011.

As with the SPTab® product it has shown great potential to control this pest and therefore we are in the process of securing an EU-wide authorisation in the near future.

Designed to hold individual InsecTrac® CLTab®, this clear dispenser has been specifically designed for discrete applications in professional costume wardrobes and heritage properties.

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