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The SPTab® solution is designed to control moth species which cause considerable economic damage in food processing and storage units such as Indian Meal Moth, Plodia interpunctella, Raisin Moth, Cadra figulilella, and Cacao Moth, Ephestia elutella.

Unlike conventional traps, which monitor the number of moths, the SPTab® uses an ‘auto-confusion’ system for male moths. Once in contact, the moths pick up the Entostat™ powder and female pheromones, causing other male moths to be attracted to the ‘dusted’ moth as it leaves a ‘false’ pheromone trail.

During the development and registration of the product, SPTab®, several field trials were set up within large food storage and processing facilities across the UK, EU and US and at the Kansas State University. The trials often covered multiple floors over a full infestation season. As untreated control comparison areas are not appropriate in commercial settings, the number of moths trapped over this period in the presence of the product were compared with pre-treatments seasons/years and the percent reduction calculated to assess the level of control possible. Thirteen trials were successfully completed and the results ranged from 29% to 90% control (average of 67%).

SPTab®, offers a perfect approach to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) potentially eliminating the need for chemical treatments when managing stored product moths in food factories, especially those with organic accreditation. The system is pesticide free.

A perfect approach to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which reduces and potentially eliminates the need for chemical treatments in moth control.

The holder is designed for continuous activity against a range of stored product moth species, including Indian Meal Moth and Raisin Moth in food factories, especially in those with organic accreditation. The system is pesticide free.

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